Audacity 2.2.1

Free virtual studio for Windows computers

Audacity allows you to edit all popular formats of audio files for free. View full description


  • Works with all popular audio formats
  • Contains all relevant filters and tools


  • Crashes occasionally
  • Program interface no longer appropriate


Audacity allows you to edit all popular formats of audio files for free.

The freeware imports sounds and music, puts sound effects against individual tracks and mixes things like music tracks and podcasts together.

Professional functions

Audacity comes with many professional editing and recording functions. It's possible to create both live recordings as well as cut tracks. The results are saved as one of the many supported audio formats. In addition, Audacity has an audio toolbox with countless effects, an equalizer and frequency analysis on board. If necessary, you can also extend Audacity with free plug-ins from the manufacturer's site.

Settings at your fingertips

The user sets all settings on the Audacity user interface. The commands Cut, Copy and Paste allow you to tinker with your own tracks. You can also link Audacity to the microphone for you to add your own voice tracks.

Audacity represents the course of a musical fragment on the horizontal timeline. In case of emergency everything can be undone with one click....which can be helpful! 

Audacity doesn't reach the level of some of the paid professional design programs. The interface looks kind of sober, sometimes even a bit stale. In our test, the application also crashed several times.

Conclusion: Excellent free audio editor

Audacity will let you mix your own tracks in no time at all. With the convenient array of tools and effects you can get decent sound quality on smaller productions. Just remember that a little training time and patience are required to get the most from the tool. On the Audacity website you will find more information about this software, and in case you'd like to download an alternative, you may want to try WavePad Audio Editing Software or Nero Wave Editor.  



Audacity 2.2.1

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